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Dean Alumni & Corporate Relation’s Message

      Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula


I express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your generous support to IIT Madras. We appreciate your passion in supporting the causes you do and I assure you that your contributions will be optimally utilised. This report has been compiled to convey how your largesse has touched lives and made a difference at IIT Madras. In keeping with the rapid, contemporary strides in science, technology we have set ambitious goals for ourselves – your continued enthusiasm and support will help us greatly in these endeavours.
IIT Madras is far more diverse in its set of pursuits, more green and more research-focused. And yet, it remains unchanged over these years, it is still the best Institute in the country, and attracts the best students that India has to offer to come and make a mark. I also cordially invite you to visit your campus to see for yourself, the impact of your contribution, and the growth and transformation the Institute has undergone over the years.
We can never express our gratitude enough for all that you have done – Thank You !