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DAA online Nomination

The Distinguished Alumnus Awards are presented annually by the Institute. Since the inception of the awards in 1996, 113 alumni have been selected for the award.

Office of the Alumni Relations will receive nominations for the Distinguished Alumnus Awards. The selection is done by a committee appointed by the Director. Around 8 to 10 alumni are selected for the awards each year.The awards are presented during the Institute Day held around mid April each year.

The nominations are received under the following categories:

Category A Academic Excellence
Category B Technology Innovation Excellence
Category C Managerial Excellence
Category D Entrepreneurial Excellence
Category E Excellence in Other Walks of Life.
  • Self-nominations are not allowed.
  • Alumni who are currently serving as IITM faculty are not eligible for nomination.
  • Nominations are valid for three years from the year of nomination

Please specify the category for which you are nominating the alumnus.

Please include a CV, one page writeup, photograph and supporting documents of the alumnus you are nominating for DAA.

The CV may contain amongst other things:

  • Name and address with Email ID
  • Date of birth
  • Degree obtained from IITM and the year of graduation
  • Qualifications and Professional Experience
  • Please provide 1 page write-up detailing contributions that merit this award
  • Any other relevant information