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Sarma N. Gullapalli [1964/BT/EE]

Regarding motivation to donate :Generally, I have been thinking about this corruption problem for a long time, and gradually I became convinced that a largely fool proof impersonal mechanism that minimizes human factor with automatic operation (non-stoppable by human intervention)  and extensive cross checks would be needed, and such a tool could be computer networks. Secondly I felt that students are the most un-corrupted body of people opposed to corruption, and are available by millions with almost no overhead (it can be part of their regular computer and sociological class room and extra curricular exercises). Thirdly, to come up with good concepts for such a computer network, data base, data verification, security, etc, I thought the best student body for it would be the IITians. Even they may find it challenging. I thought it is worth giving it a shot on a continuing basis, year after year, because it cannot be done in a short time frame, and much may have to be learned and possible concepts explored and debated. Students nationwide, especially law students and journalism students, high school and college students can input data to the data base – every day we hear of cases of corruption, nothing being done. Students can use this network/data base to find ways to get judiciary to act.