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Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj [1967/BT/EE]

Thank you for this honor to be named star donor for October 2017 for my donation to IIT Madras towards “Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj-Adjunct Chair” and “Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj-Scholarship Endowment.” They are a token of my appreciation to IIT for the strong foundation the university has given me during my years in the Electrical Engineering program leading to my B. Tech degree in 1967.

My education at IIT provided the physical and intellectual basis of my life, setting me on a successful twenty-year career in science, computers, and communications. My IIT training also contributed to the spiritual aspect of life. Few people think of scientific training as having a spiritual element.However, the training at IIT Madras in the scientific method formed the basis of my spiritual quest to find answers to the mysteries of life. Having a deep spiritual heritage from my family, my IIT training helped me to use the scientific method to test the hypothesis of spirituality. Taking the concept of the laboratory, I experimented within the laboratory of my own human body to find out if there is more to a human being than just a body and mind. I was able to experience firsthand that this world is part of a far greater creation and that the physical light and sound of this universe is but a reflection of a spiritual Light and Sound that reverberates within each. The method of testing was through meditation on the inner Light and Sound, leading me to explorations of higher realms more ethereal, more beautiful, and filled with a joyous love, happiness, and peace beyond any experienced in this world.

Combining my scientific background from IIT Madras with testing the hypothesis of spirituality through meditation, since 1989 through Science of Spirituality I have been sharing this technique with anyone who would like to try it. It is my hope and prayer that this premier institution, IIT Madras, recognized all over the world as one of the best science and technology universities, continues as a leader to give students for posterity the same golden opportunity that I received. May this donation contribute to the ongoing dedication of IIT Madras to make this world a better place for all.