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Shri. V. Sashi Kumar (MS- Entrepreneurship ’88)

Mr. V. Sashi Kumar, with a M.S. in Entrepreneurship from IIT Madras, founded Phoenix Medical Systems in 1989. The firm is a manufacturer of infant and maternal care products and assistive devices. 

Three million babies die in the first 28 days after it is born and there is nothing more saddening than to watch helplessly as a new born baby’s life ends before it had had a chance at life. Many of these deaths are preventable if babies are placed in the safety and warmth of a neonatal incubator.

Mr. Sashi Kumar wanted to do exactly this and hence produces The Mondiale Life Pod incubator’ which is designed to be indestructible, purifies its own air and water, and run for ten years, saving up to 500 little lives for a fraction of the price of existing incubators. Hence we call him “The Man who Saves Babies“. 

The company started with minimal investment and went on to become the leading bio medical manufacturer in India. His enterprise has gained recognition as Phoenix products meet the international standards and are also, affordable to the general public. 

The products are used at thousands of hospitals across India and in 32 other countries in Africa, Europe, South America, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific Region.