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Shri. Sankaran Naren ( BT-ME, ’87 ), Executive Director & Chief Investment Officer (CIO), ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited

Current Role:

Management Company Limited
Sankaran Naren is the Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer of ICICI Prudential AMC and also serves as a Board member. He joined the AMC in October 2004 as part of investment team and was appointed the CIO – Equity in 2008. Three years later, he was elevated to the CIO for the entire mutual fund investment division.
He has been instrumental in formulating the overall investment strategy development and execution at the AMC. Currently, he oversees investments across mutual fund and international advisory business .
Investing Style:
Naren is known to be a contrarian and value investor with a track record of spotting gems among beaten down stocks/sectors. He believes in the importance of top down and bottom up thinking and is not afraid of taking hard decisions even if the situation is contrary to his investment decision. The teachings of James Montier, Howard Marks & Michael Mauboussin form the bedrock of his investing style.
Naren is a leading voice on the Indian capital markets and has myriad awards to his name in fund management. His views on the macro economy and market are featured prominently across media locally and globally.
An alumnus of lIT Madras and IIM Kolkata, he has gathered an experience of 25 years spanning across various roles in the financial services industry and investment management. He has worked with organisations such as Refco Sify Securities India Pvt Ltd, HDFC Securities Ltd, and Yoha Securities Ltd. in various capacities.