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IIT Madras,TCS conduct session on extended reality

In a collaborative initiative with TCS, the Indian Institute of Technology – Madras last week conducted a session on “Extended Reality and Empathy: An Interdisciplinary Perspective.”

According to a press release, the event was meant for forming a memory studies research cluster, with an academia-industry interface.The session was a primer on what comprises extended reality and how it shapes society, cognition and culture.Speaking during the session, guest speaker Jae Grant, XR Consultant, the Netherlands, said, “The entire challenge is to arrive at a common reference point which will enable productive dialogue between technology studies and research in humanities.” Avishek Parui of IIT-M, who was an event coordinator, said the objective was to explore the possibilities of digital humanities and extended reality in engaging with literary studies.Currently, there are research scholars in the department of humanities and social sciences working in the area of memory studies.