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Mr. Krishnamurthy Sridharan [1980/BT/CE], Founder & President @ Sankara Eye Foundation

Arguably, one of the most challenging aspects of social enterprises is the fierce competition that the market upholds. Swimming through these hurdles and creating a niche market demands perseverance and unflagging determination, and Mr. K Sridharan has been a great illustration for this exemplary achievement. He is the co-founder and president of Sankara Eye Foundation-USA, is also the CPO of Zan Compute Inc. and serves as an Advisor to Virtual Power Systems. His vision reflected inclusive growth, working along with people who are exempted from the benefits of the economy. They may not be the market players but their costs of services and products are unparalleled. Without any decisive market growth, they face reluctance from the investors. Yet, Sankara Eye Foundation has crossed 1 million free eye surgeries and is one of the world’s largest eye care hospital.