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Monishi Sanyal (BTME-70; Serial Investor & Entrepreneur, Silicon Valley)

Monishi Sanyal led the team that founded the Pan IIT Alumni Association in 2003. He has initiated several Pan IIT events like the Charter meet, Innovation Summit, Professional Network meets and has mentored many alumni in the Bay Area. Family events such as the Diwali Dhamaka (an inter IIT cultural fest) and the Picnic (which has a inter IIT sports component) were also started by him. He has also served on the Board of Pan IIT for many years. He is easily the best connected IITian in North America..

Monishi is the Governor’s Gold medalist from IIT Madras 1970 batch having graduated in Mechanical Engineering. He has served as the President of IIT Madras Alumni Association and has represented the IIT Madras Research Park in the US.

In his professional career, Monishi worked in India for 20 years serving in senior positions in pioneering companies in the high tech space before coming to the US in 1990. He has also been a serial entrepreneur, mentor and investor in a number of start ups in India and the US.

In extra-curricular activities, Monishi was the Indian National Champion in rowing, and a champion in Boxing and field athletics (Shot put and Discus throw), was the IIT Madras soccer captain. In cultural activities he has won awards is debates, singing and acting. His current interests are in biking and scuba diving.