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Prof. Madhav Marathe

1989/B.Tech/CS Distinguished Professor, University of Virginia USA

Shri Madhav Marathe received his Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Madras in 1989, followed by a doctorate in Computer Science from University at Albany–SUNY in 1994. Currently, he serves as an Endowed Distinguished Professor in Biocomplexity and as the Director of the Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing (NSSAC) Division of the Biocomplexity Institute and Initiative (BII) at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville (UVA), Virginia, USA. Along with these, he is also a tenured Professor of Computer Science at the University of Virginia. Being a passionate advocate and a practitioner of transdisciplinary team science, he established and pioneered a slew of transdisciplinary projects and groups over his 28-year professional experience.

He has demonstrated unparalleled research expertise throughout his career which is channelled towards creating a greater social impact. As illustrated over his exemplary career, his research focus is to understand the fundamental principles that govern the design, analysis, control, and optimization of complex networks by undertaking a team science approach and by developing innovative solutions having a significant impact on society. His research interests span over Network Science, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, High-Performance Computing (HPC), Multi-Agent Systems and Computing Science that aims to develop reliable, secure, and sustainable socially coupled systems. He has published 500 articles in peer-reviewed journals, workshops, conferences and as technical reports. Along with that, he is deeply involved and passionate about mentoring, training and guiding students. It is evidenced by his cohort, which consists of more than a half dozen staff scientists, and (co)-advised 33 doctoral students, 24 MS students and 15 postdoctoral fellows.

His current research interest lies in understanding the general principles that govern the design, analysis, control, and optimization of large biological, information, social, and technical (BIST) networks. Moreover, Dr. Marathe is also committed to COVID-19 planning and response efforts where he co-leads a team of researchers at BII, University of Virginia to develop innovative HPC-oriented decision support systems that provide modelling and analytical support to state and federal agencies’ pandemic response. He also envisions the next decade where he is planning to navigate his expertise and knowledge in three specific areas of interest which include (i) bio-social complexity, precision, global, and one health; (ii) autonomous systems and man-machine symbiosis; and (iii) resilient and sustainable social habitats.

For his exemplary accomplishments in Academia and his immense contributions in COVID-19 response efforts and BIST Networks, IIT Madras and its alumni are proud to bestow the Distinguished Alumni Award for the year 2022 upon Shri Madhav Marathe.

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