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Mr. Chakrapani. R. V

1984/B.Tech/CE & 1988/MS/CE Managing Director, Aarvee Associates INDIA

Mr RV Chakrapani is a graduate of IIT Madras with two degrees – a B. Tech degree in Civil Engineering in 1984 and an MS in structures in 1986. He is a passionate engineer with a love for technology, working in the core field of civil engineering and running his own consulting company. He established Aarvee associates, a civil engineering consulting firm, in October 1989, which has been steadily growing in more than three decades of operation. Before founding Aarvee Associates, Mr Chakrapani worked as Design Engineer at TIMS Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. and as Technical Director at Prascon Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Chakrapani started Aarvee with himself as the lead designer for buildings. Over the years Aarvee expanded their services to other domains of civil engineering and now have over 2500 employees across the globe. Aarvee offers design and supervision consultancies for all major infrastructure domains including highways, railways, metros, buildings, environmental water supply and sanitation, irrigation, geospatial services, urban planning, ports, and power. Aarvee was incorporated as a private limited company in 2005 and has always been wholly owned by Mr. Chakrapani. 

Known for his clarity of thought, detail oriented meticulous planning, constant innovation, Mr Chakrapani has built Aarvee to be one of the top multidisciplinary infrastructure consultancies in the country today, with an international presence in over 20 countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, several countries in Africa and Asia, with a clear vision to continue to increase its global footprint. Aarvee is also the recipient of various awards for its exemplary performance and services.

Mr Chakrapani was bestowed with the SME Customer of the year by the State Bank of India in 2013-2014. He was awarded the ICI – Ultratech Endowment Award for Outstanding Concrete Engineer of Andhra Pradesh by the India Concrete Institute, Hyderabad Centre, in 2014.

Mr. Chakrapani’s passion for working hands-on on technology has driven Aarvee to be a game changer in many projects and services. He constantly pushes the boundaries by out of the box thinking, innovation, and introduction of technology into the design processes. He is a great mentor for all those who have worked closely with him, and many of them have been working with him for over 2 decades. He has forged great personal friendships with all the clients and partners that he has worked with. With exceeding clients’ expectations as the goal, he constantly pushes the boundaries, challenges the client, and continues to find new ways to add value to all of Aarvee’s services.

IIT Madras and Alumni are proud to award the Distinguished Alumnus Award for the year 2022 to such a dedicated entrepreneur and engineer.

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