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Dr. Tirumalai S Sudarshan

1976 - B.Tech - Metallurgical and Material Engineering President and Chief Executive Officer @ Materials Modification Inc.

Dr. T S Sudarshan obtained his B.Tech. in Metallurgy from IIT Madras in 1976, and later completed his M.S. and Ph.D. in Materials Engineering Science at Virginia Tech, USA. He worked at Ashok Leyland as a Senior Metallurgist and established a modern metallurgical laboratory and managed various research programs.

Dr. Sudarshan is currently the President and CEO of Materials Modification Inc., which is at the forefront of research, development and commercialization of advanced materials utilizing novel processing techniques. He has demonstrated technological leadership for over three decades, and has worked extensively throughout his career in the areas of nanotechnology and surface-engineering for which he is very well known throughout the world. He has patented and developed a self-lubricating automotive product that is used internationally, and Nanogen and Plasma Pressure Compaction for which he holds several patents. He has also developed products to control and stop bleeding – “GroKlot” for the US Army, “Silvamat” for mitigating burns and “Garad” suits for protection from gamma radiation. Through his leadership, he has raised over 60 million USD in funding for very high-risk, high-payoff advanced technology-related programs in several non-traditional areas.

Dr. Sudarshan is a Fellow of ASM International, USA; Fellow of International Federation on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, UK; and Fellow of Institute of Mining, Metals and Materials, UK. He was the winner of the R&D 100 Award for Nanogen in 1998, the Design News Award, and R&D 100 Award for Plasma Pressure Compaction in 1999. He was recognized as “Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer” by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in 1990. Dr Sudarshan has published over 170 papers, edited 29 books, is the editor of two international journals – Surface Engineering, and Materials and Manufacturing Processes – for more than 2 decades, and holds numerous patents.

In recognition of Dr. T S Sudarshan’s professional accomplishments and entrepreneurial excellence, IIT Madras and its alumni are proud to confer him this award.

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