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Dr. Sridhar R Tayur

1986 - B.Tech - Mechanical Engineering Ford Distinguished Research Professor of Operations Management @ Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Dr. Sridhar R. Tayur graduated from IIT Madras with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in the year 1986. He went on to pursue his Master’s and Ph.D. in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University. Currently, he is Ford Distinguished Research Professor of Operations Management, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. Prior to this, he has held positions at IBM, AT&T and Cornell University, and has carried out many consulting projects with a wide spectrum of industries.

Dr. Tayur has been a serial entrepreneur and an active promoter of monetizing Operations Research (OR), and was the first to coin the term “academic capitalist”. He is the Founder and CEO of OrganJet, a start-up that facilitates multiple listings and provides affordable access to on-demand private jets for patients. Established in 2011, OrganJet has revolutionized the medical industry, that too in such a remarkable manner that its operations serve as a case study at Harvard Business School. He is also the Founder of SmartOps Corporation, which created the market for Enterprise Inventory Optimization (EIO) software, and was acquired by SAP AG in 2013. Dr. Tayur has published extensively in Health Care Operations, Supply Chain Management and Inventory Models, and in Manufacturing, Logistics and Services. He has developed several novel OR methodologies and techniques. He has received funding from National Science Foundation, as well as from Tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM and Intel Corporation.

Dr. Tayur has been named one of the four “Masters of Supply-Chain Efficiency” by Fortune Magazine, and a “Most Popular Professor” by Business Week. In 2012, Sridhar received the highest academic recognition in his profession when he was elected as a Fellow of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS). His paper on OrganJet (“Overcoming geographical disparities in access to deceased donor kidneys in the United States”) won the Pierskella Best Paper Award in 2015. In 2016, he was invited to the White House by President Obama to highlight his innovations in organ transplantation. Additionally, in 2017, he was honored as a Distinguished Fellow by the MSOM Society and elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

For his pioneering work in monetizing Operations Research, and seamless integration of academia with entrepreneurship, IIT Madras and its alumni are proud to confer this award on Dr. Sridhar R. Tayur.

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