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Dr. R Mahadevan

1964 - B.Tech - Mechanical Engineering Director @ India Pistons

Dr. R Mahadevan is presently a Director in India Pistons Limited, Chennai. He is widely recognized for his professional contributions to Technology Management, Quality Management, Project Management, and Marketing and Export of engineering products. He has won many prizes, awards and medals throughout his academic and professional career. He holds three patents in automotive technology. He is an active member of national and international professional bodies in the areas of Automotive Technology, Quality, and Energy. He also holds executive positions in some of them. He works closely with leading academic institutions in the design and teaching of engineering courses. A versatile and creative citizen, he plays an active role in socially relevant projects meant for physically challenged children, and the natural environment. He also has an abiding interest in Indian spiritual literature, which has led him to translate important works from Sanskrit.

In recognition of the efforts, achievements, and managerial and organizational excellence of R. Mahadevan in Indian engineering industry, IIT Madras and its alumni are proud to present him this award.

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