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RTE: Over 350 private schools select students through a lottery

CHENNAI: More than 350 private schools out of 462 in Chennai district selected students through lottery system for 25% seats reserved under the Right to Education Act on Thursday. The school education department received more than 6,000 applications from the district this year.

The department has deputed a government school headmasters and teachers to supervise the selection of students through lot system wherever the number of applications more compared to the available seats. Students were selected for entry level classes in either LKG or Class I.

More than 100 parents have participated in the lottery system at Vana Vani Matriculation Higher Secondary School on the IIT Madras campus on Thursday.

“For 30 seats, we had received 145 applications. The lot system was conducted in front of education officials and parents,” said M Sathish Kumar, principal of the school.

“Even the parents who did not get seats also appreciated the transparent selection process,” he added.
PS Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Mylapore received 119 applications for 15 seats under the RTE quota.
“We have selected 15 students through lot system in front of parents. If any of the selected students not willing to join we will call the parents from waiting list and complete the admission process,” said S Bhooma, principal of the school said.

Agnes Rita, principal of GRT Mahalakshmi Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Ashok Nagar, said the school received 176 applications against 24 seats.

“One of our applicants were differently abled student and we allotted the seat before the lot system. The lot system was conducted for remaining 23 seats and kept others on the waiting list,” she said.

Throughout the state, the lottery system was conducted in more than 4,000 schools out of 8,000 schools which admitted the students under the RTE quota. Officials said schools will prepare the admission list by October 7. The department received 86,362 applications against 1.2 lakh seats available throughout the state under RTE quota.