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NGT forms panel to prepare plan for wildlife on IIT campus

Chennai: A release from IIT-M on Wednesday said if any short-term plan is required, the committee is at liberty to prepare it for immediate implementation to protect wildlife within the campus.

NGT also directed IIT-M to take effective steps, in consultation with the wildlife warden of the national park, to reduce man-animal conflict within the campus.

The NGT further directed the panel to meet once a month and monitor the activities periodically and submit their report regarding the resolution and management plan to be evolved and the status of implementation of the same by IIT-M to the Tribunal once in six months.

In the past few years, the stray dog menace, as well as poaching of deer and blackbuck, have been severe on campus. As there has been an alarming decrease in the wildlife population on campus, mainly due to mauling and trauma due to injury, students, residents, children, and motorists are also getting chased and bitten by groups of feral dogs.

Due to their increased numbers, the dogs are often found in classrooms and academic buildings, and students are especially finding it difficult to continue their research at labs during late hours for fear of being chased by packs of feral dogs.

The release said IIT-M is implementing the remedial measures following the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) norms as directed by the NGT and said some parties/outside agencies are making allegations with vested interests.