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IITians prefer leading infrastructure companies

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IITians are increasingly looking at brick and mortar industries such as engineering and construction. In line with this trend, about 69 IITians have chosen Tata Projects on Day 1 and Day 2 of campus placements. This is a phenomenal number of IITians recruited during campus placement by an engineering and construction company.

The 69 IITians selected by Tata Projects were from IIT Madras – 12, IIT Delhi – 23, IIT Bombay – 21, IIT Kharagpur – 9 and IIT Kanpur – 4. The distribution in terms of specialties was Civil – 25, Mechanical – 29, Electrical – 3 and Chemical – 12.

This trend of IITians preferring construction and engineering companies is expected to continue and will provide a fillip to adoption of cutting-edge technologies across the sector.