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IIT Madras launches free online course on Database Systems

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has planned an online course on the database management system for students. The course will help students learn database technologies and the SQL standards.

Databases are the backbone of all digital services and apps. Modern businesses are heavily dependent on the database systems for critical tasks such as transaction processing to various other operations. The DBMS course by IIT Madras is an undergraduate computer science level course.

While the course is open for all, it is mandatory for students to have a working knowledge of Discrete Mathematics and Data Structures. Since all companies are dealing with systems and application development platforms including web, IoT, embedded systems, machine learning, and data mining, this course is critical for all students.

The course will be tutored by Dr P Sreenivasa Kumar, member of the faculty of CSE Department. His research interests include databases, semi-structured data, theory, applications of ontology and XML. Dr Kumar holds PhD and Masters from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

The curriculum includes the following chapters:

Introduction and part of E/R Model Module
ER Model Module
Relational Model Module
TRC Module and part of SQL Module
SQL Module
Indexes Module
Query Processing Module
Normal Forms Module
Transaction Processing Module

The online course is open for all. Anyone can enrol and learn. It is mandatory for students to register for the optional proctored exam to earn a certificate. The fee for this certification exam is Rs 1,000. Along with successful completion of the exam, you need to earn 25% from assignments and 75% of the proctored certification exam to earn a certificate.