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IIT Madras-incubated startup GUVI Zen Class? Coding Course to upskill students, graduates in Covid-19 era

The ‘Zen classes’ conducted physically at IIT Madras Research Park were successful in training and getting placement for nearly 1,000 students in over 200 product-based companies and startups in the last several months.

IIT Madras-incubated startup GUVI taken completely online its ‘Zen class,’ a placement-oriented ‘full-stack’ coding development course. It aims to upskill students and graduates looking for a career in product-based companies. The course provides technological training for job aspirants to become ‘full-stack’ developers who are in demand during the Covid-19 era as they need to be hands-on with projects.

A ‘full-stack’ web developer is trained to develop both client and server software. In addition to proficiency in HTML and CSS, the developer should also be proficient in programming browsers (using JavaScript and related tools), servers (using Python and related tools) and databases (SQL and related tools).

What is Zen Class?
Zen Class focuses on skill economy by making aspiring and current full-stack developers job-ready and future-proof by training them with cutting-edge technologies and converting a regular resume into a skill-based portfolio. This will help bridge the talent paucity faced by the Indian software industry in the critical areas of full-stack development, front-end, back-end, system design, and data structures-algorithms.

Speaking about this initiative, S.P. Balamurugan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, GUVI, said, “Tough times needs smart skilling path and we help the learners to do that from home and get the job from home.”

What is GUVI?
GUVI is an integrated ed-tech platform in vernacular language, which has a deep penetration in India with a presence in over 1,000 engineering colleges. It has already upskilled more than 4.7 lakh engineers in latest technology skills such as Python, Java and Machine Learning, among others and help them gain placement in IT firms.

The ‘Zen classes’ conducted physically at the IIT Madras Research Park were successful in training and getting placement for nearly 1,000 students in over 200 product-based companies and startups in the last several months.
Elaborating on this course, Arun Prakash, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, said, “GUVI’s industry-specific boot camp of Zen class helps demonstrate the skill ability of an individual to learn new and in-demand technologies quickly, which will turn into a major plus to both the learners as well as employers.”

Further, Arun Prakash said, “A prior screening is done among the interested trainees, called the ‘pre-boot camp session’, to assess the candidates. This format gives students a better analysis of their current level of learning, which could be further regulated by 1:1 doubt-clarification with mentoring, recorded video sessions, and personalized training.”

The course is open to freshers interested in learning to code, working professionals looking to switch careers from service-based companies to product companies or manual testing or technical support as well as those from a non-coding background or data-science wanting to add value to their profile.

The GUVI Recruitment team works to arrange, prepare and deliver interview opportunities for the students with product companies that align with their career goals. They work to attract experienced professionals from other domains such as business (sales and marketing), arts, teaching, and lecturers to becoming Full Stack developers.

Freshers from Non-engineering degrees can make the most of Zen Class through its personalized mentoring and Online courses with peer discussion to keep up with the pace. The three-month weekday and 6-month weekend online programs of Zen class provide a robust blend of technological skills by industrial experts with a technical background from PayPal, Google, Symantec and Honeywell, among others.

This program would be convenient for individuals with good internet access and also can become an accelerator for candidates with a keen learning orientation, and ready to invest time for consistent practice to join the development field in the software industry.

The learners of the Zen class are introduced to an online boot camp style of learning with concept-oriented hands-on projects on a daily basis, bi-weekly hackathons, technical mentorship & periodic developer meetups including developers from companies like Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, which contribute to the Zen class advantages.

A boot camp lays a better foundation in covering the theory of a programming language in a structured manner and the practice sessions of the developer boot camp with daily projects convert into real-time project applications. Alongside, An extensive coding practise platform – CodeKata with a 1000+ question library, specifically designed with all the key programming concepts to hone the coding skills of the learners.

How to apply for Zen class?
Interested candidates can enrol in this full-stack developer course through the official site of GUVI – https://www.guvi.in/zen. Further details can be obtained by writing to fullstack@guvi.in

Innovative idea of GUVI
GUVI, which offers an online platform for students to learn in their mother tongues, is offering specialized courses to upskill students and make them ‘job ready’ without having to leave their house. The mission of GUVI is to take technology skills to all the deserving students and ensure demography is never a barricade to acquire skills.
Towards this, GUVI offers technology skills that are in-demand in the industry in regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Bengali besides English. GUVI is transforming lives by offering tech skills in the language, which the students are familiar throughout their life and is bridging the gap between academia and industry.