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IIT Madras features a month-long virtual expo showcasing global innovations on New Normal

IIT Madras features a month-long virtual expo showcasing global innovations on New Normal

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras Alumni Association’s annual flagship event Sangam 2020 – Driving the New Normal is making major contributions in helping India discover new opportunities and successfully navigate this challenging period.

From a free masterclass series for upskilling in the pandemic era and a survey to gauge attitudes of the public to science and technology to deliberations with policymakers, academia and the industry, the association has initiated multiple efforts.

The event is hosting an e-lounge that enables potential investors and customers to speak with start-ups in real-time. Sonam Wangchuk, engineer and innovator, launched the virtual expo titled New Normal Showcase being held from December 5 to December 31.

As many as 70 start-ups from India and the US, besides other parts of the world, are taking part in this virtual expo.

Sangam 2020, being held from December 1 to December 6, also features a month-long virtual showcase of global innovations from start-ups.

Topics on global innovations:

Bharat in the New Normal

Healthcare and Therapeutics in the New Normal

Future of Work and Education in the New Normal

Deep-tech in the New Normal

Highlighting how IIT Madras is defining a New Normal in education and research, director Bhaskar Ramamurth said: “I do believe that the New Normal we will retain many of the learnings that we have got from this experience, particularly our resilience. As far as IIT Madras goes, that has been the story. We started our online classes without knowing where we were going. Initially, 40 per cent of the students said they could not join the classes. Now, we were able to make sure everybody attends classes.”

Speaking on science and technology and the New Normal, K. Vijay Raghavan, principal scientific adviser, Government of India, said, “India has got an extraordinary history of successful vaccinations… India was extraordinary in putting forth vaccines which completely transformed our society and healthcare system. Other vaccinations like smallpox were administered without much discussion. Today, the world has changed and everyone, rightly, discusses and debates everything, as it should be. It is all the more reason for people in great places like IIT Madras and other institutions to communicate the nuances of vaccine administration and vaccination.”

Kris Gopalakrishnan, co-founder of Infosys, unveiled the Sangam 2020 New Normal Report based on a survey that the alumni association conducted in collaboration with the office of the principal scientific adviser to understand public attitude to the state of new normal and to the role of science and technology. The survey report can be viewed here (https://iitmaa.org/f/Sangam-2020—Driving-the-New-Normal-Report-7102?source=view)

“We decided to turn this challenge into an opportunity. Sangam this year is spread over six days. We have brought thought leaders from Tanjavur to Ladakh in India; and from Singapore to San Francisco, together with our global community to deliberate, collaborate and implement ideas for driving a new normal in India and the world,” IIT Madras Alumni Association president Shuba Kumar said.