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Hiring season sees start-ups making presence felt at IITs

The buzz over international offers that usually lasts a week once placements kick in at the Indian Institutes of Technology died down by the close of day 2. Clearly, ‘hiring 2020’ at the IITs will have a distinct flavour. While international postings will be fewer than previous years, domestic offerings and those from fast-paced start-ups companies will rule the first phase of hiring season at the tech institutions.

Whether IIT-Madras , Kanpur, Bombay or Guwahati, the number of start-ups scouting talent on campuses is up. At IIT Madras, of a total 256 companies participating in the first phase, 71 are start-ups; last year there were 57 start-ups. At IIT Kanpur , while 2019 saw 35 (out of 300) start-ups participate, this time there are 50 such firms out of about 220 companies.

“We have a research park at IIT Madras and we explained the hiring process to many of the incubated companies. This conversation has led to larger participation of start-ups and we feel these numbers will grow over the years,” said C S Shankar Ram, advisor (training & placement), IIT- Madras.

IIT-Roorkee has 28 start-ups. While start-ups get placement slots toward the end of phase 1, day two already saw one pick two students from IIT-Kanpur for its operations in Bengaluru. Application security firm Traceable AI offered an annual CTC of Rs56.3 lakh with a base salary of Rs 30 lakh, apart from ESOPs and other benefits.

At IIT-Roorkee, 35 companies participated in the placement process till 2 pm on December 2.The highest offer made on day 2 at Roorkee was Rs 31.5 lakh.

IIT Kanpur saw eight international offers being made with Accenture, Japan picking six students by offering them JPY (Japanese yen) 56.6 lakh on day 2, apart from an offer from Cohesity and another from Ally.Io. IITB recorded 21 international offers by the end of day 1.

The highest number of offers was made by Optiver (the Netherlands), Honda R&D (Japan), and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). The selection count by the end of day 1 was 155. Total selections, including PPO and PSU, by the end of day 1 were 313. Cohesity did not make a high-value international offer at IIT Bombay this time.

International offers at the Powai institute included those from Sony Japan (JPY 1.63 crore or Rs 1.15 crore), Honda (R&D) Japan (JPY 82 lakh or Rs 58 lakh), NEC Japan (JPY 49.24 lakh) and TSMC (JPY 20.70 lakh).

On Day 2, in slot 1, 16 companies made about 64-plus job offers in various sectors. Prominent international offers were made by Sysmex Corporation (Japan). In domestic jobs, highest number of offers was made by Oracle, American Express and Bajaj Auto.

At IIT-Madras, 23 companies made 86 offers in the second slot before day 1 closed, while 43 companies made 141 offers in the first slot of day 2. At IIT-Kharagpur, the total number of offers made on day one, including the pre-placement offers were 417.