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HIMALAYA : ???????-????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ??? ?????? (HIMALAYA: Africa-Asia’s dust melting Himalayas)

The new discovery is shocking, researchers have attributed the increasing pollution and dust particles in Asia and Africa to be the main reason behind the melting of Himalayan ice. In research published recently in Nature Climate Change, American scientist Yun Quon and IIT Madras scientist Chandan Sarangi said that dust coming from hundreds of miles away from Africa and Asia is disrupting the ice cycle in the Himalayan region.

How exert dust effect

is the study said the high altitude Himalayan These dust absorbs sunlight, thereby increasing the temperature of the surrounding areas and speed up the process of ice melting.

The phenomenon of melting snow due to dust particles is called albedo. Due to the albedo, the amount of carbon on the layers of ice increases, which absorbs light.

Ganga, Brahmaputra, Yangtsi, Huang rivers are important sources of water for India-China and other neighboring countries as well.