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AgniKul Cosmos inks agreement with Alaska Aerospace

Chennai, Sep 30 (PTI): AgniKul Cosmos, a city-based start up incubated at IIT, Madras, on Wednesday said it has signed an agreement with Alaska Aerospace Corporation in the U.S. for the test launch of ”Agnibaan” launch vehicle. AgniKul Cosmos is engaged in building the first private small satellite rocket — ”Agnibaan” — which is capable of carrying upto 100 kg of payload to low Earth orbits of upto 700 kms. The vehicle has the capability for a plug and play engine configuration to match a mission needs, AgniKul Cosmos said. As per the agreement, Alaska Aerospace and AgniKul would work to secure necessary regulatory approvals from the respective governments. The test launch of Agnibaan vehicle is expected from the Pacific Spaceport Complex-Alaska on Kodiak Island in the United States around the year 2022. “We are thrilled Agnikul has partnered for high inclination flight testing. Agnikul has established itself as a leading rocket technology company,” Alaska Aerospace President Mark Lester said. The objective of the agreement is to take up vehicle (rocket) launches, spaceport procedures and conduct at least one test launch from the Pacific Spaceport Complex, Alaska. Agnikul Cosmos CEO Srinath Ravichandran said “This announcement is further evidence of our company”s steady progress towards launch. This is a great platform for us to demonstrate our Made in India for the world launch services.” PTI VIJ APR RAVINDRANATH APR RAVINDRANATH