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123 Offers On Day 1: Record Start To IIT Madras Placements

IIT Madras is holding the recruitment process completely online this year.

The placement season has begun at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras with a record 123 offers made by 22 companies, including Microsoft, ISRO, and Texas Instruments, on day-1 and session 1 of recruitment.
While the institute has not provided details of the salary packages on offer, it said that during the last academic year of 2019-20, only 102 offers were made by 20 companies on day-1.

In the second slot of Day-1, which concluded last night, up to 24 companies with 48 profiles were scheduled to participate. These include TSMC, KLA Tencor, GE, and Wipro, according to a press release dated December 1 from IIT Madras.

The process is being conducted completely online this time.

“The big recruiters of this year’s first session include Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Bajaj Auto, ISRO, Alphonso, and Qualcomm. Phase I of placements is expected to continue till December 8, 2020,” the release said.

Of the total number of offers made till now, Microsoft has topped with 19, followed by Texas Instruments (12) and Baja Auto and ISRO (10 each).

Up to 1,443 students and 256 companies have registered for recruitment this time, with the first session alone covering 43 job profiles, according to the institute. This includes 71 start companies.

Elaborating on how the entire Placement process is being conducted online this academic year due to the impact of COVID-19, Professor CS Shankar Ram said, “The IIT Madras Placement team has worked with our recruiting partners to seamlessly enable this transition…I am optimistic that a similar trend would continue over the next few days.”

The institute would share the overall placement details only at the end of the exercise.