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TuTr to tie up with IIT Madras on IP development in hyperloop technology

TuTr to tie up with IIT Madras on IP development in hyperloop technology

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras)-incubated deep tech startup TuTr Hyperloop is collaborating with the institute to develop Intellectual Property (IP) in hyperloop technology. The startup has also partnered with Tata Steel to work on the development and deployment of hyperloop technology at scale.

TuTr is currently finalising an agreement with an Indian engineering, procurement and construction services company to develop the infrastructure and systems for hyperloop technology. Towards these, TuTr Hyperloop has entered into an IP agreement recently with IIT Madras.

TuTr Hyperloop is a deep-tech startup that has been operating from the National Centre for Combustion Research and Development (NCCRD), IIT Madras, since 2022 to carry forward the work done by CFI Team Avishkar and focus on commercializing hyperloop technologies.

“TuTr’s mission is to deliver to customers, fast and reliable ‘on-demand’ transportation that is both affordable and greener in comparison with other modes of transport. TuTr seeks to leverage its partnership with IIT Madras and its co-location with India’s largest deep tech ecosystem to catalyze the development of cost-effective Hyperloop technologies,” said Satyanarayanan Chakravarthy, the Coordinator of NCCRD, IIT Madras.

“The initial focus will be on cargo movement to enhance the productivity of various stakeholders by solving their pain points. This will be the first step towards the deployment of high-speed mobility corridors for passenger transportation across India and globally,” Chakravarthy, who is also a faculty in the Department of Aerospace Engineering Department, IIT Madras, added.

Further, TuTr Hyperloop had recently entered a strategic partnership with Hardt Hyperloop, a top European hyperloop technology firm, to achieve interoperable hyperloop technology between Europe and India.

“The tie-up between Hardt and TuTr is a positive development. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has been an early supporter of hyperloop technology as an international public-private development. Witnessing the growth of the hyperloop ecosystem stands testimony to the power of collaboration required to realise sustainable and ground breaking transportation solutions like hyperloop,” said Mark Harbers, Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management.
As part of the MoU, TuTr and Hardt will engage in discussions to converge on hyperloop technology. The goal is to develop a roadmap that would result in an operational demonstration route before 2030. This collaboration is expected to accelerate the development of hyperloop technology and bring it closer to commercialisation, transforming the future of transportation.
“TuTr Hyperloop has embarked on an Atmanirbhar initiative in the IIT Madras Ecosystem to build a cost-effective sustainable high-speed mobility tech solution for India. We are excited to partner with Hardt on this European Indian Collaboration to create common standards for an interoperable hyperloop system which will ensure that our solution will not only benefit India but can also be deployed across the world,” said Aravind Bharadwaj, Co-Founder and CTO, TuTr Hyperloop.

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