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IIT Madras is Inviting Registrations for its Tech Fest ‘Shaastra’ 2023

IIT Madras is Inviting Registrations for its Tech Fest ‘Shaastra’ 2023

New Delhi: IIT Madras is inviting applications for registration to its flagship Tech and Innovation (TIF) Fair, ‘Shaastra’. In this fair, the participants will get a chance to showcase their scientific creations and innovations. 

About IIT Madras TIF

TIF was established in 2018 by IIT Madras. It provides a platform for aspiring business owners to create minimum viable products from tech-based initiatives and prototypes. Any industry, including robots, healthcare, biotechnology, agriculture, and the Internet of Things, could contribute prototypes in this fair. 

IIT Madras TIF Shaastra 2023 – How to Contest 

Participants must upload a thorough description of the product, along with images that show its use and application. Participants who have been shortlisted advance to the next phase. The teams will get expert help and take part in counselling and mentoring sessions with business leaders.

They’ll have the chance to speak with venture capitalists, angel investors, and professionals. Workshops on business management and product design will be held. The attendees of the tech festival, which will feature the products of the participants, will include professionals, researchers, and scientists.

The TIF concludes with a competition at the IIT M Research Park, where judges will select the top three teams. The winners will have the chance to get in touch with the IIT Madras incubator cell to continue developing their startup idea.

IIT Madras TIF Shaastra 2023 – Tentative Dates & Deadlines

Registration Deadline 29 Jan, 2023, 11:59 PM IST
Team Size 1 – 10 members
Start Date /End Date 26 Jan, 2023, 12:00 AM IST – 29 Jan, 2023, 11:59 PM IST
Location Research Park, IIT Madras, Chennai

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