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From Dream to Reality: IIT Professor Details Development of e200, India’s First Flying Taxi

From Dream to Reality: IIT Professor Details Development of e200, India’s First Flying Taxi
Professor Satya Chakravarthy, founder of ePlane Company and distinguished Aerospace Engineering professor at IIT-Madras, unveils India’s first flying taxi, the e200, in an interview with News18. Amidst the rapid pace of global technological advancements, the e200 represents a groundbreaking leap in urban transportation.
Addressing the complexities of India’s bustling urban landscapes, Prof. Chakravarthy sheds light on the project’s journey in overcoming technical and logistical hurdles. Compact design, efficient navigation, and stringent safety measures are key priorities for the e200’s development.

ePlane marks a series of notable achievements, including the successful test flights of a prototype. Professor Chakravarthy provides an overview of the timeline for finalizing the full-scale prototype, with its inaugural flight expected in October-November, representing a landmark occasion for India’s aviation industry.

Safety remains paramount for ePlane, with Prof. Chakravarthy outlining a comprehensive safety strategy. From stringent adherence to international standards to the integration of redundant systems and advanced technologies, the e200 is designed to ensure passenger safety in diverse scenarios.

Addressing concerns regarding potential failures, Prof. Chakravarthy emphasizes the aircraft’s ability to maintain stability and control. Through meticulous design and robust safety measures, ePlane aims to instil confidence in passengers and regulatory authorities, ensuring the utmost safety and reliability of its flying taxi service.


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