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Chennai Super Kings partners with IIT Madras

Chennai Super Kings partners with IIT Madras

Chennai Super Kings and IIT Madras collaborate for sustainable initiatives during IPL 2024, focusing on driving positive change, renewable energy solutions, waste management and addressing environmental challenges through innovative research capabilities.

Chennai Super Kings joined hands with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) to promote sustainable initiatives during the Indian Premier League 2024.

The partnership aims to leverage the collective expertise, vision, and resources to drive positive change within the community with innovative strategies to minimise the environmental footprint. This includes adopting renewable energy solutions including waste management practices to encourage sustainability during matches this season.

By harnessing the research capabilities of IIT Madras, their alliance will explore cutting-edge technologies and solutions to address environmental challenges.

Commenting on the association, KS Viswanathan, CEO of Chennai Super Kings, said they are committed to making a positive impact on the environment. “Our collaboration with IIT Madras reflects our shared vision for a sustainable future. By combining our reach and IIT Madras’ academic prowess and research capabilities, we have the opportunity to pioneer innovative solutions that address pressing environmental challenges. Together, we hope to inspire a generation towards a more sustainable future,” said Kasi.

V Kamakoti, Director of IIT Madras, added: “Sustainability is critical to every organization and is an area where we are going to see the most number of jobs being created in the future. IIT-Madras has proven expertise in this area and we are very happy to partner with Chennai Super Kings – an iconic organization in Chennai – in their journey towards sustainability. Association with one of India’s premier sports franchises will also help us move towards this goal.”

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