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A solar operated oxygen concentrator developed by IIT Madras alumnus Shri Dr R. Ramarathnam is on wheels at Primary Health Centres

A solar operated oxygen concentrator developed by IIT Madras alumnus Shri Dr R. Ramarathnam is on wheels at Primary Health Centres

A Solar operated OXYGEN Concentrator has been developed by Basil Energetics Private Limited, Chennai, a company promoted by Dr R. Ramarathnam, Alumnus of IITM (1967 EE B. Tech). Dr Ramarathnam & his team has developed a range of high power DC Appliances like Room Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Walk-in Cold Room and Ceiling Fan.

The concentrator gives 20 ~ 25 Litre/Minute Oxygen with at least 95% purity. This works directly from the DC of solar panels. During non-solar hours, this works from a Biogas generator or AC grid power supply. No battery or inverter is required. This was designed and developed during the recent lockdown period in Chennai.

With additional cooling appliances, fans & lights, this system can provide uninterrupted power supply to PHCs (Primary Health Centres) throughout India, including rural and remote areas. The system can also be deployed in many countries in Africa, Asia & South America to strengthen the basic medical infrastructure.


  • 24 x 7 Green Energy supply
  • Super Efficient DC appliances gives best demand side management
  • Provision of key inputs for a Health Centre
    • Oxygen from Concentrator
    • Purified Water (feed water pump & high pressure pump for RO)
    • Air Conditioner comfort for visiting Doctors
    • Storage for medicines & vaccines
    • Fans & Lights for all rooms
    • 450 CFT Cold Room to store Milk, Medicines etc
    • Deep Freezer for Storing vaccines & medicines at sub-zero temperatures
  • TV, Set Top Box, PC, Modem & Mobile Chargers
  • Solar Power: As required by loads – Customised for individual communities
  • System IOT enabled and can be remotely monitored & controlled
  • iGrid automatically prioritises running of appliances from Solar Power, Biogas  or Grid   Power
  • Reliable & Quality Power at all times
  • > 95% annual energy savings
  • Can be customised to specific needs of PHC


  • 10 years for Solar Panels & Compressors in cooling equipments.
  • Further 15 years Performance Warranty for Solar Panels
  • Expected life of the system is 20 years with preventive maintenance.

Byproducts of the biogas system: (with 100 Cattle)

  1. Biogas generator: 3 kW
  2. Organic Fertiliser: 200 kg per day

Cooking gas for local homes: 15 kgs per day

Solar/Biogas Hybrid Energy System for

Primary Health Centres

Additional appliances like Water Pump, Air Conditioner, Cold Room and High Pressure Pump for Water Purification can also be provided.