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Dr. Rusi Taleyarkhan ( BT-ME , ’77), Professor, Colleges of Engineering and Science, Purdue University,

Rusi Taleyarkhan received his B.Tech. in Mech. Engr. in 1977 from IIT-M, India followed with an Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Ph.D in Nuclear Engineering by 1982 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY, USA. He has since worked as Senior Engineer with Westinghouse Electric. Corp. through 1988 after which he spent over 17 years where he was Program Director and Distinguished R&D Engineer at U.S.DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducting and leading energy, defense and energy related projects – both classified and unclassified. He joined Purdue University in 2003 as Professor of Nuclear Engineering where he teaches and conducts multi-disciplinary research. He also serves as Chief Technology Officer of S/A Laboratories, LLC a venture capital based startup dedicated towards commercialization of technologies resulting from his research group related to: combating nuclear terrorism, thermonuclear fusion energy, materials synthesis, green-chemistry based coatings and adhesives tailored via radiation polymerization, novel metastable state-based nuclear particle sensors for homes (e.g., Radon monitors), environmental assessments, and for Fossil-Nuclear Power plants, explosive burst-based hydrogen production / super-cooled powders, and cavitation prevention in fluid systems. He has published over 175 articles in the archival literature, and has received over 25 invention awards besides numerous industry and govt. recognitions. During 2004 his work was declared by Science News as Top 10 science discoveries and, by the Energy Times as World’s Top 6 Must-Do research projects for the 21st Century. Prof. Taleyarkhan has consulted extensively for various national and international bodies. He is a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society, and Honorary Fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences; member of ASME, TMS,.., and past Editor of Nuclear Safety journal.