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Dr. E.G. Ramachandran

Bio of Dr. E.G. Ramachandran

Dr. E.G.Ramachandran was born in Bangalore in 1925. After obtaining his M.Sc.degree in Physics in 1944, he became a research scholar under Prof. Sir C.V.Raman. In 1945, he joined the University of Sheffield and obtained his doctorate in Metallurgy in 1947. Dr.Ramachandran has been in teaching, research and development programmes in Metallurgy from 1947. During his long years of service to the metallurgical profession, he received many honours, such as the Presidentship of the Indian Institute of Metals. He has been an active sportsman excelling in tennis. He and his wife are avid listeners of South Indian classical music.


Dr.E.G.Ramachandran highlights in his talk the leadership of Prof. Sengupto, the first Director of IIT Madras. He describes the personal involvement and leadership of Prof. Sengupto in the building of this great national institution. His contributions in the construction of the various buildings, curriculum development, admission of students, development of practical skills in the students, provision of general amenities in the campus are all briefly described to illustrate his leadership qualities and achievements.