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IITM 2015 Survey of Alumni/ Alumnae: Please Participate….

Dear IITM Alumnus/Alumna:

I write this requesting and inviting your participation in the IITM2015 Survey of Alumni. Through this online survey, we hope to learn about what our > 40,000 alumni have been doing and their impact in various areas.  We propose to bench-mark the results from this survey against a similar PanIIT effort in 2008, and use the immensely valuable inferences in our long-term planning efforts.

Your voluntary participation in this survey is anonymous as well as confidential. In addition, please feel free to skip any question that you prefer not to answer. We would be delighted if you answered all the questions, but would be very happy to have whatever information you are able and/or willing to provide.

Limited trials of the draft survey instrument indicate that the survey would take between 20 to 30 minutes if you completed it in one sitting, which is what we prefer. We acknowledge that this is a bit long; however, this is our first-ever, and likely a very infrequent, formal effort to obtain feedback from our alumni. We plan to make very intensive use of this very valuable information in the long range plans of IITM and therefore, request your help and participation.

This survey has been put together by Gopala Ganesh (B.Tech. 1968-1973, Mechanical Engineering, Ganga Hostel) by retracing the information contained in the 2008 PanIIT report. If you require any clarification, please contact him at +91 82204 38016 or at ganesh@unt.edu . You may also contact me at +91 94440 08390 or deaniar@iitm.ac.in.

The survey may be accessed at http://www.tinyurl.com/IITM2015AS

Thank you very much….Nagarajan (BTCH-81)