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Alumnus (Dr. Krishna Chivakula) Gives Rs 1.5 cr Boost to IIT-M’s Satellite Project

Dear Alumnus/Alumna,

IITM Satellite Project (IITMSAT) enters its final phase with support from Indo-MIM

MoU signed in Bangalore

Bangalore, September 2, 2014:


Indo–US MIM Tec. Pvt. Ltd., as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility  program, has agreed to provide Rupees One Hundred and Fifty Lakhs (Rs. 150 lakhs) towards the IIT Madras Satellite project (IITMSAT).

IITMSAT is the student-led, nano-satellite initiative of IIT Madras. The project began in January 2010 and currently has an interdisciplinary team of over 50 students. IITMSAT will be a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite with a mission life of one year.  The project’s mission is to collect data about the precipitation of high-energy electrons and protons from the Van Allen Belts in the upper-ionosphere, and to correlate with natural phenomena that cause these electro-magnetic perturbations.    The data collected by IITMSAT will be transmitted to the ground station (that will be set up in IIT Madras campus) during every pass of the satellite.

IITMSAT  will be completely fabricated and tested by IITM students. The IITMSAT project has successfully completed a detailed review by ISRO, and is now in the Integration and Validation Phase. The project was initiated and progressed with the support of the Institute and Alumni and is now being supported further by

Indo- US MIM Tec. Pvt. Ltd.

“Prof. Nagarajan, Dean of International & Alumni Relations at IIT Madras, states that “this partnership between Indo-MIM and IIT Madras represents a new dawn of collaborative initiatives that can have far-reaching benefits for technology and society in India”.

Indo-US MIM Tec. Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, through its founder Chairman, Dr. Krishna Chivukula, expressed its desire to support the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) in its Strategic Plan 2020 programs.   Indo-MIM (Indo-US MIM Tec. Pvt. Ltd.) headquartered in Bangalore, India, molded its first part in 1998 and is currently a leading global supplier of precision-engineered products using Metal Injection Molding (MIM) as the core manufacturing technology.   Dr. Krishna Chivukula, an alumnus of IIT Madras, is a first generation entrepreneur who started Indo-US MIM Tec. Pvt. Ltd. (Indo-MIM) with sales offices in India, China, USA and Germany.

Mr. Krishna Chivukula Jr., CEO, Indo-MIM states “At Indo-MIM we have always believed that the Sky is the limit when it comes to realizing our ambitions as a company.  Naturally Indo-MIM wanted to show IITians that they can literally reach the heavens with enough hard work and the right support.  Indo-MIM is proud to be supporting the IIT institution and the innovative work of its students”

The satellite is estimated to be ready for launch by the end of 2015. The 12.5 kg satellite will orbit the earth at an altitude of 600-900 kms.

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