Welcome to Alumni & Corporate Relations
An appeal to support IITM’s “Strategic Plan 2020” objectives

Dear Alumnus/ Alumna,

These are exciting times at your alma mater. IIT Madras has just completed drafting its “Strategic Plan 2020”, and here, in a nutshell, are the key elements:Become a leading technology university , ranked within Global Top 50 in all disciplines;Become as renowned for PG education as for UG,  with a reputation among students (and faculty) that IITM is a“happening” campus;Establish a track record as creator of new andinnovative technologies for industry and nationalneeds;Become known globally for transformational technologies that impact lives of the people; Incubate successful start-ups, a few “blockbusters”;Ensure well‐maintained campus infrastructure and inviting ambience; and achieve all this, while maintaining a sustainable campus in terms of energy, water, and recycling of materials

In research, our strategic objectives are:to be known as the best educational researchInstitute in the country in all the areas we are engaged in; to produce high quality research reported in the world’sbest journals, and PhDs with high employer reputation; to improve quality of research scholars via outreach to best feeder institutions, direct PhD admission for top B.Tech./B.E. students, interdisciplinary M.S./Ph.D., upgrade for top M.S./M.Tech./M.Sc. students, industry sponsorships & top-up’s, joint doctorate degree programs with top global institutions; and to enable ~25 large multi‐disciplinary research Centres of Excellence, built around focus themes that IITM should be known for globally.

In education & training, we aspire for: multi‐disciplinarydiversification through electives,focus on personality development for PGs & UGs,a Teaching‐Learning Centre to encourage faculty to explore new pedagogies, awards and recognition for outstanding teachers, andinnovative online courses and programs to benefit students, college teachers, and industry professionals.

Our industry relations are to be driven via:a Funded Research Development Office that will identify, assist, and nurture relationships between faculty and sponsors of funded research,an Industry Relations Office that will foster relationship building with Industry in India and abroad,a network with Research Park companies to build strong relationships,a 100% Increase in industry‐driven projects by 2020,an increase the number of patents to 120‐140 annually, anda target of 5‐10 commercializations of IITM research annually. Innovation and entrepreneurship are to be fostered through:creation of 20 new companies every year, andan on-campus incubator that serves IITM faculty, students & alumni, and attracts external incubates as well.

Student life is to be enhanced via:professionally-managed hostels and dining halls; maximum opportunities for social interaction, with clean, affordable “”hang-outs”;well‐maintained and accessible sports facilities for allmajor sports;easy access to coaches/teachers for music, dance, art, theatre, nature activities, and hobby clubs; and effective and timely counselling and medical cares.

Infrastructure development in a sustainable mode is to be ensured through: achieving growth without increasing footprint, and sustainability informing all decisions regarding water (move towards zero discharge), energy (increase efficiency of appliances, use of renewables), recycling (waste disposal and handling to ensure recycling of all materials), and land use (full lifecycle planning of all built infrastructure).

International & alumni relations are a key leverage in driving: UG & PG student exchanges, and faculty mobility; research collaborations; industry engagement; funding mechanisms in support; alumni visits to & stays on campus, and interactions with students & faculty; and fundraising from alumni, non-alumni individuals, corporates and Foundations (Rs. 100 cr ($ 20M) annual fund-raising targeted, corpus of Rs. 500-1,000 cr ($ 100-200 M) to be provided to Institute by 2020).

In all this, your support is crucial. As alumni, you are a beneficiary of the IITM system, an ambassador to the world, and a key stakeholder in its future. We would love to hear from you if you want to pitch in, and help IITM along on its “Strategic Plan 2020”. Do mail me at deaniar@iitm.ac.in, or call me at +91 9444008390 to discuss further. Our dedicated Development Office Staff—TharaGanesan, Joe Thomas, and Suresh—will follow through every initiative with care and concern.

It will be my pleasure to hear from you, and discuss ways in which we can work together.