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NPTEL Open Online Courses – For Certification

NPTEL offers 93 new courses

All these courses are by faculty of IITs, IISc or other institutes such as CMI, IIIT etc.

The courses cover a wide range of disciplines ranging from Computer Science engineering, Electrical engineering,

Civil Engineering, Mechanical engineering, etc.

Courses include core areas such as Object oriented programming, C++, Prog-Data structures using Python, Basic Electrical circuits, manufacturing processes,

modern construction materials and cutting-edge courses such as Privacy in social networks, Project planning and control, Data analytics, Machine learning,etc.

Quite a few courses in Humanities and Management are also a part of the run. 

Please check https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in for details about the courses. 

Requirements to enroll to a course:

Minimum age is 13 yrs (as a google enabled account is reqd),

An email id and internet connection, a device to connect to the internet; interest to learn 🙂

No pre-requisites or minimum qualifications to enroll and learn from any course. 

Highlights of the course:

Enrollment to any of the courses is free.

The duration of the courses is either 4/8/12 weeks.

Every week 2.5hrs of recorded video content will be released and also an assignment based on the same. There will be no live classes and the student can learn at his own convenience and time.

There is a discussion forum that is active during the entire run of the course – and faculty and TAs of the course will answer the doubts raised. 


At the end of every course, an exam is conducted. This entails a fee of Rs 1000 or Rs 1250 and the candidate has to come in person to a designated centre to write the exam. This exam is optional and the candidate can stop with just learning from the course. If he/she takes the exam, a certificate is issued from NPTEL and the institute offering the course.