Welcome to Alumni & Corporate Relations

About us

Welcome to the website of the Office of Alumni Affairs, IIT Madras. The OAA serves a variety of causes involving the alumni of IIT Madras.

Here is the OAA mission statement:

Serve as outward-facing window from the Institute to the Alumni:

  • act as primary interface from Institute to alumni-at-large
  • authorize alumni access to campus facilities
  • administer Distinguished Alumnnus Award program
  • administer Travel Grant program, etc.

Drive Institute-related fund-raising activities among alumni:

  • devise fund-raising strategy
  • coordinate fund-raising activities
  • ensure timely deployment of funds
  • report to Institute and back to donor regarding status of funded projects

Register graduating students into the alumni database:

  • enroll students into the database
  • provide permanent alumni e-mail ID
  • maintain and grow database
  • provide database access on as-needed basis

Serve the student community:

  • administer scholarships and awards
  • solicit alumni funds towards student travel, facilities, projects, etc.
  • facilitate student mentoring by alumni

Serve the faculty community:

  • promote interactions between visiting faculty and local alumni
  • promote campus and department visits by alumni
  • promote research & consultancy relationships between faculty & alumni

Serve the alumni community:

  • support networking activities and events, such as reunions
  • support alumni communications, such as monthly newsletter
  • support alumni registration in database
  • work closely with IIT Madras Alumni Associations (IITMAA, IITMAANA, IITM Foundation, etc.) on alumni-related matters
  • support PanIIT activities (e.g., Club) and events (e.g. Annual Meets)